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The Personal Challenge has been met and completed!  The HEALING SONGS cd is now available on compact disc and as a legal digital download.

This section is still in process.  My parents always say to think before I type.  The first installment of questions should be up in no time.

Here are some frequently asked questions for the time being...


Q:  Who are your influences?

A: At first glance this isn't an easy questioni to answer, because there are just so many groups and performers that come to mind.   Though I usually feel inspired while listening to XTC, R.E.M., Smithereens, Rush, Queensryche, and Robert Plant.   Perhaps if time and space allow, I may eventually do an "in appreciation of" blog in a more direct attempt to share my favorites with those of you who are interested.


Q:  How can I get your music?

A: For a CD, you are going to want to head to CDBaby.com, where the album is selling for $11.99.   It is a professionally replicated cd (not a cd-r) and is comparable in sound quality and durability to most cd's purchased at a department store or bookshop.

CDBaby also offers the whole album via mp3 download for $9.99, including a .jpg of the cover art.  You can also pull individual tracks on mp3 by purchasing at DigStation.com; or if you don't mind dealing with Apple's DRM-issues, you can download and import it directly into your iTunes with a power search and select.  I should make mention that these downloads will cost you  99 cents per song*

CD's are also available at most performances, with pricing determined by the venue and the occasion.

Q: Are there any shows coming up?

A: I will list all performances from all of the bands on the CALENDAR page.  There are no immediate plans to put a group together with the sole purpose of performing all original material at this time.  Though I wouldn't rule it out in the future if there is a growth of demand and interest in doing so.

Q: So, why HEALING SONGS?  and what's with the balloon on the cover?

A: After writing the song, I realized that my predominant lyrical message was to look for a bright side even in the murkiest of conditions.  "Traveling Salesman", "Everything Blooms", "Before You", and "Adulterer's Prayer" all touch on some rather grim subject matter [neglect/apathy, death, the generation gap, and infidelity respectively] and their individual tones are a bit more serious than most pop music.  Still, we see the characters triumph through perserverence, acceptance, and faith in the human condition.  It is too easy to go for the "all-knowing" advice lyric because while we face the same kind of challenges, our differences as people ultimately change the experience.  It's kind of a "you're not alone although your outcomes may differ" message.

Don't go raggin' on my balloon, what better way to discuss the healing power of music than with the representation of raising spirits.  

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 A FRIENDLY SHOUT-OUT to my friend and colleague, Michael Ripoli.  Few people in my life have such a wide appreciation for so many different kinds of music and artists.  Hair Metal to Husker Du, SOUL TRAIN to Coltrane, iMichael is on it and has something to say.  (Photo: Christine Lanken)
Though, shy and silent is normally my way.  Here goes nothing.  Here are the answers to most of the "easy" questions regarding my music.

If you'd like to submit a question for consideration, please email me at jameskwayman@yahoo.com.  All entries are considered though I reserve the right to reprint anything worthy of inclusion here.