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The Personal Challenge has been met and completed!  The HEALING SONGS cd is now available on compact disc and as a legal digital download.

SINCE I WAS 3 raising a ruckus at PS Pub, 1/1/08.
From left: "Dangerous" James Wayman, "King" Casey
Lanken, and "The Duke" Paul Allodi. (Photo: Christine Blendow)

SINCE I WAS 3 may be eclectic, but also electric.  The band comprised of Paul Allodi (Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar), James Wayman (Bass, Vocals), and Casey Lanken (Drums, Vocals) performs a wide array of classic rock and pop covers and originals in a beat heavy, aggressive, and nearly chaotic manner.  Lanken's insistent bass drum, Wayman's careening energy levels, and Paul's vast repertoire take the listener into the dangerous lair of the living breathing beast that is live rock 'n' roll music.  This power trio fields requests on the fly, and often rearranges songs in the moment to fit the mood and the groove.  In most cases the cover songs are far from perfect, but satisfyingly so.  

SNIFF DELUXE lays down a groove at DiSalvo's Italian
Bistro & Pizzeria in Mundelein, IL.
  From left: James
Wayman, Tommy Henry, and John Metzger.  (Photo: Sarah

BIFF 'N' SNIFF DELUXE is a four piece conglomeration of the acoustic duo.  This deluxe model is co-led by Paul Allodi (vocals, guitar) and John "Sniff" Metzger (vocals, guitar) and features James Wayman (bass, vocals) and Tommy Henry (percussion, vocals).  B&S perform a classy (yet humble) repertoire of pop, rock, and soul songs dating from the '50's to the '90's.   

PAUL ALLODI & THE A-TEAM works it off at JR's Broken Inn
From left : Kim Spelman, Brian Hilton, James Wayman, and Paul
Allodi (Photo: Christine Blendow)

PAUL ALLODI & THE A-TEAM is a collective of musicians who participate in performing Paul's original music and well-selected cover material.  While the A-TEAM shares some repertoire with the other bands, it tends to perform in more of a soul and blues-based tradition, and it tends to go even deeper into Paul's original oevre.  Because of all the variables (in terms of playlist, personnel, and occasion), it is near impossible to see the same show twice.