James K Wayman.com - Bassist, Songwriter, Producer
The Personal Challenge has been met and completed!  The HEALING SONGS cd is now available on compact disc and as a legal digital download.

James Wayman has spent most of his adult life accumulating the ultimate cd collection and standing behind an instrument for the good of the team.  Raised in northwest suburban McHenry, IL, he enjoys music, baseball, reading, and yoga.  He presently plays bass and sings for several local performing projects.  James has recorded with New Society, Pi, Christopolous Bros., and Paul Allodi.  HEALING SONGS is his first solo album and his first official production credit..

Herman Winkler presently plays drumset for regional country act Scott DuBose and the 101 Ranch; and occasionally plays a hybrid percussion/drumset with Kevin Mileski.  When not traveling to the gigs or performing, Herman may be found working his magic on his girlfriend and a growing cast of admirers using only a deck of cards, a billiards cue, or a chipping wedge.  I am eternally grateful for his time and assistance with this project.

Paul Allodi is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and performer in the Chicago area.  Paul contributes lead guitar and banjo to the album.  Paul is in the process of remastering and reissuing his debut album THE WAYWARD PATH, and spends more time in front of a microphone than Barrack Obama.  In addition to leading Since I Was 3, A-Team, and Biff & Sniff, Paul hosts several open mic nights in the area and has been nominated several times for his skill as a performer and host in Suburban Nitelife magazine's "Best of the Burbs" contest. 

[Paul is at right in this shot taken by Dan Cox.]
Mike Levin (aka "McLovin" or "The Mayor of Lincoln Ave.") has kicked the pedals and slammed the sticks for a number of area blues and rock projects; most notably Paul Allodi & the A-Team.  His abilities on drumset are only exceeded by his warmth, humor, and generosity.  Long live the Mayor!! 
Brian Hilton (at left) performed the "sax army" you'll find on the song "Little Lonely" and cut two very nice solos for the instrumental mix of "Taillights" (which sadly didn't make the cut over the effect=laden vocal version).  Brian presently teaches saxophone, repairs instruments, and performs on occasion with the King Casey band.  He also does a wicked cool Chris Farley impersonation earning him many fans and countless laughs. 

Roger Lambrecht is one of James's oldest friends (they went to high school together), and former bandmate in J.W.S./Junket.  Roger also occupied the drum throne for long-lost McHenry County band, Oblongata who have sadly broken up.  Now a family man, Roger's contributions to the song "Most Beautiful" helped both the song and the record come into focus.

Larry Kriz is the chief engineer/owner/operator of LNL Recording in Elgin, Illinois.  He has logged many hours behind the console and worked with too many rock, soul, gospel, country, blues, and voiceover artists to count.  His work has appeared in movies, on television, in radio commercials, and on countless MySpace profiles.  LNL Recording is appropriate for just about any independent recording project, and is the true Red (recording) Light District of the northwest suburbs; where you get a reliable product at a responsible price.